How to Board a Young Kitten in an Emergency

If you have a very young kitten and have an emergency that takes you away from home, you may need to organise care for your pet. While you may have no problems getting older cats into a cattery, your kitten has special needs; local state rules on pet boarding may also make it harder to find a suitable cattery. What are your options if you need emergency care for a younger cat? [Read More]

3 Ways To Prepare Your Cat For The Kennel

If you're taking a vacation and are preparing to send your cat to a boarding facility, you need to prepare well to make sure your pet remains healthy throughout. Choosing a cat boarding facility is based on your specific requirements. Once you find a cat boarding facility that meets your needs, follow these steps to prepare your cat. Get The Right Vaccines Core vaccines must be dispensed to every kitten, so your cat needs regular vaccinations to protect it from feline parvovirus, feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus. [Read More]

Welcome Home Fido! 5 Tips for Bringing Your Dog Home From a Boarding Kennel

When you need to travel and can't bring your dog along for the trip, boarding kennels can keep your furry friend safe until you return home. Although many dogs have a very positive experience in kennels, they can behave a little strangely when they are reunited with you. Here are five tips for welcoming your dog home and reestablishing your relationship. 1. Pick Up Your Pooch On Time Pay close attention to the kennel's opening times. [Read More]